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  World - Clover Leaf
Heinrich Bunting


This is a very interesting representation of Jerusalem and the rest of the world as known at the time. The map shows three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa in the form of a clover leaf with the city of Jerusalem in the centre. From "Itinerarium Sacrae Scipturae" by Heinrich Bunting , 1545-1606. Imprint by Jacobus Lucuis, Helmstadt 1585 .

Eran Laor Cartographic Collection
The Jewish National & University Library, Jerusalem

Not original coloring
   Catalogue: Tiltan
   Print Technique: Giclee
   Printed on: Bark Paper
   Print size: 30x40 cm
    We print facsimiles of early maps on special "parchment paper" which allows very high quality
prints.This handmade paper is manufactured using age old techniques. We print the maps
one by one.